Cannes Hardly Wait


Cannes: yep, still a thing this year. And sure, sunbathing on the French Riviera and sharing popcorn with Spielberg might seem old hat. But a few new things may pique your interest. Say, these five things…Here’s What’s New at Cannes 2013


A Pop-Up Jazz Lounge in a Hilltop Castle

First things first: the castle atop Le Suquet. Go there. Because the Parisian members-only lounge Le Club du Cercle is relocating their whiskey- and jazz-related activities within its walls. Once inside, head straight for the terrace with panoramic views of the city. Or if you’re arriving via parachute, start there.

411: May 15-26, Le Château du Cercle Pop-Up via Magic Garden, 35 Rue Louis Pérrissol, +33 1 53 57 40 83, more info here


Hey, a Villa by the Bay Might Be Nice

It’s unconscionable. Not a single human has yet slumbered in this new Frank-Lloyd-Wright-meets-Le-Corbusier-looking villa on the Bay of Cannes. So you (and maybe an actress who lost her room key) will need to fix that. You’ll also need to christen the in-house gym, steam bath and infinity pool. Because it has those.

411: Taking reservations now, Villa L’Escale, address upon request, +41 315 500 333, more info here


Traveling Burlesque on the Beach

In Cannes, they have a saying: “When the sun goes down, the tents of fire-breathing burlesque dancers go up.” Well, maybe not. But that’s what they’ll say when the infamous Torch group brings their red-carpet cabaret road show to Cannes for the first time. That or “Hey, check out those fire-breathing burlesque dancers.”

411: May 15-26, Torch Cannes at Vegaluna, Boulevard de la Croisette, +44 77 37 315 126, more info here


VIP Room Gets Very, Very Important

VIP Room. Maybe the most self-explanatory mega-club name ever. But just in case you didn’t get the message last year, they’ve completely remodeled, adding an exponentially greater amount of leather, red velvet and doormen to their résumé. If the doorman asks, just say you’re with… the other doorman.

411: Now open, VIP Room at JW Marriott Cannes, 50 Boulevard de la Croisette, +33 1 58 36 46 00, more info here


If You’re Wondering About a Yacht…

Oh, we almost forgot two important things. 1) Your yacht. We found you one. It’s huge and brand-new and filled with jet skis and kayaks and will happily take you and Miss Upton to Monaco or wherever. And 2) your hot tub. It’s right by the captain’s deck of that yacht. Yep, that about covers it.

411: Taking reservations now, Coca VI via Five Seas Hotel Cannes, 1 Rue Notre Dame, +33 4 63 36 05 05, more info here

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