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Penguins and Killer Whales in Patagonia, anyone?

We’ll say this much for Darwin: the guy knew how to get off the grid in style.

The HMS Beagle. A string of remote islands. And some serious muttonchops.

So we’re thinking you follow his example and head to some wildlife-rich hinterlands—muttonchops optional…

Presenting Bahia Bustamante, a set of 10 restored cabins on a sprawling piece of oceanfront land, taking reservations now.

First off, you should know this place was founded by a roving Spanish hair gel manufacturer in search of the perfect place to launch a seaweed-harvesting business. You know, that old story.

Make your way 1,000 miles south of Buenos Aires to a cluster of whitewashed buildings. Your domain: a simple, two-bedroom bungalow. Your food: locally grown veggies, seafood and lamb, prepared by an El Bulli alum and eaten at the town’s former general store. The view from your terrace: white sand beaches, fiery sunsets and… birds. Lots and lots of birds.

Now, there are only 17 other people here, max (they only take 450 in any given year). Which means that you’ll have the benefit of full seclusion as you hike to hang out with penguins or kayak near killer whales.


Bahia Bustamante

Patagonia, Argentina
+54 11 4778 0125

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