Dream Destinations: The Bluemint Guide to Winter Getaways



From the dark sands of Colombia to the easternmost tip of Australia, look beyond the typical warm-weather and visit one of these under-the-radar destinations for the ultimate winter getaway this December.

Punta Brava, Colombia

Remote from all metropolitan living, the small Colombian town is surrounded by jungle-swathed mountains, volcanic black sands and an exclusivity unmatched by other countries. Whether you’re humpback whale-watching, catching the waves, or tasting the region’s unique Chocó dishes, Punta Brava is a sun-seeker haven just waiting for an adventure.



St John’s, Antigua

As the capital and the largest city of Antigua, St John’s is the commercial centre that offers warmth, culture and some fantastic viewpoints from its renowned port. With its healthy mix of exclusive resorts and locally-run folk establishments, the city evokes a certain vibrancy that still to-date appeases even the most sincere of jetsetter.

Antigua views


Byron Bay, Australia

Perched in the east of Australia, Byron Bay is about surfing its cerulean waves and soaking up its small-town soul and spiritual counterculture. On arrival, you’re treated to white sands, gin-clear waters and an alternative life mash-up that’ll convert even the most cynical with its raucous nightlife and eclectic pallet-pleasers.



Vienna, Austria

For those who prefer to wear their favourite Bluemint swim shorts in a pool in the city, here’s an option for you: Vienna. Home to Mozart, Freud and everything in-between, it’s the city’s Christmas markets that attract from afar. Many of Vienna’s tranquil squares host hundreds of stalls that set the mood in the run-up to Christmas with hot punch, festive sparkle and of course, a decorated gingerbread house…or two.


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