Guide to the Perfect Summer


Remember that first day of summer vacation your experienced as a child? You woke up at the usual time ready to start another busy day at school and then realized the day belonged to you alone? Swimming in the sunshine, languishing in a hammock dreaming over a book, meeting up with friends for adventures, road trips, and all-around summer fun… recapture that feeling during your next vacation while staying stylish in casually elegant Bluemint beachwear.

Recreate the ease of summer days and nights by slipping on a linen shirt for cocktails by the bonfire and topping off the easy look with a classic Panama hat crafted in traditional style from natural toquila straw. Keep in mind that carefree dressing provides the foundation of a perfect leisure experience and begins with the right swim shorts. Our water-repellent swim shorts are tailored-yet-casual construction and feature fully-lined interiors with soft-to-the touch materials inside and out. Choose from among our large variety of creatively stylish options or go all-out and design your own. You can even have them customized to provide your body with the ultimate fit, allowing you to enjoy the effortless self-assurance that comes with knowing that you’re perfectly dressed for the occasion.

After a day of soaking in the sun and enjoying crystal clear waters and surf, it’s time to taste the area nightlife by sampling that new restaurant or club that’s been on your agenda lately. Set the tone for the adventure by wearing a pair of Bluemint cotton chinos. Available in classic or tapered fit, our chinos are available in black, navy, sand, khaki, teal, white, and dazzling blue. Pair the pants of your choice with your favorite polo or T-shirt and bring it all together with a classic canvas belt before slipping on a pair of suede sneakers or deck shoes.

Whether the agenda calls for lazing on a sun splashed beach by day and socializing under the stars by night, pull it off with ease with carefree casual fashion flare provided by Bluemint attire. From sunglasses to easy summer footwear, we’ve got you covered — we can even give your iPhone a sultry tropical or marine-inspired motif to match the mood of the season. While you’re at it, don’t forget to exfoliate and smooth your skin to make it summer-ready. Use our exfoliating body bar for after-swim showers to prep for beach bonfires and other sunset activities, and distribute one of our cream pomades throughout your hair for that perfectly tousled vacation look.

From sunrise canoe rides to plates of cracked crab and cups brimming with cold drinks by the bonfire while the setting sun dips into an azure ocean, Bluemint clothing and accessories for men set the summer vacation tone. Think the type of casual polish that pairs seamlessly with sunkissed skin — classic textures and fits punctuated with the modern accents that highlight your status as a man of the world. Just like a summer day accented by fragrant breezes and blue skies, Bluemint men never look as if they are trying to hard.

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