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A life worth living is one with a wealth of experiences, rather than a household full of knick-knacks. Travel enthusiasts have long understood this, but now, this sentiment is backed up by science. A landmark study conducted by Cornell University’s Dr. Thomas Gilovich found that participants achieved limited satisfaction from objects not actively used to complement experiences. However, experiences can become an integral part of a person’s identity.

A wealth of experiences can lead to significant personal growth, and few things deliver novel experiences better than a good vacation. While people tend to assume that the best way to capture new experiences is to visit new places, the way you visit is just as important of a consideration. Two trips to different resorts may be largely the same, but a backpacking trip is nothing like a house sitting experience. Consider broadening your horizons with these unique types of travel:


Long one of the most affordable approaches to travel, backpacking holds a certain rustic charm that cannot be replicated. Whether you stay in a tent, in a series of hostels, or with gracious hosts, you’ll enjoy connecting with the community on a more intimate level. Backpacking allows you to dive deeper into the local culture, thereby bypassing the craziness of typical tourist-oriented accommodations. If you love nature and hate crowds, backpacking is definitely for you.


Traveling By Train

If you desire to see several destinations in a short span of time, train-based travel may be your preferred solution. Although most effective in European nations or other areas that are well-connected by public transit, train trips are increasingly popular in the United States, where Amtrak has reported an astounding ridership increase of 51 percent between 2001 and 2013. Train travel is popular both among those hoping to avoid the hassles of the airport and those who require respite during strenuous backpacking trips.

International House Sitting

House sitting has long been a viable means of vacationing at minimal cost, but in the past, it typically involved caring for a sibling or friend’s house in another city or state. More recently, however, the house sitting phenomenon has expanded across nations, allowing people to experience life as a local virtually everywhere. This mutually beneficial setup gives vacationers more space and nicer accommodations than they would enjoy in hostels for a fraction of the price, while also allowing them to experience life through the eyes of a local.

Volunteer-Based Travel

If you love to travel and are eager to help those less fortunate, you are the perfect candidate for a volunteer trip. While volunteer expeditions are more about helping others and less about sightseeing, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to connect with locals and experience a different culture up close and personal. Additionally, you’ll enjoy the satisfaction of knowing that you’ve made a real difference.

Whether your goal is to improve your social skills, strengthen your relationship, or help an underserved population, you can accomplish it through travel. You will always treasure the memories you made abroad. Get in touch today to learn more about how we can help you prepare for the vacation of a lifetime.




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