What Your Scarf Says About You


As your morning commute continues to get brisker by the day, you’ve likely begun assessing the state of your current warmth-retaining paraphernalia.

At the heart of it all: the scarf.

And on the occasion that you’re looking for a new one or contemplating reviving an old standby, you ought to know what your choice in neck-muffler is saying about you…

So we’ve put together a handy guide to understanding the vibe your scarf is projecting.



“This is the only way to keep my neck warm because I’ve never understood how to tie a scarf.”


“I have just awoken from a coma that I must have fell into sometime during the year 2004 somewhere in Los Angeles.”


“If there were a word for it, it would be something like scarvezzatura.”


“I’ve been wearing my scarf like this now for a minute, Pitti Uomo!”


“Yes, it’s basically a security blanket for grown-ups.”


“I’m either still in prep school, en route to a sporting event or obsessed with child-wizards… Don’t ask which.”


“I no longer know where the scarves end and the real me begins…”

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