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Secret Radar Tower Turned Canopy Hotel

Radar Tower Turned Canopy Hotel

The military is good for a lot of things. But obviously, its forte: luxe vacation spots. The high-end Canopy Tower, stationed amidst the lush tropicalia of Panama’s…


Found in Translation

Today, you will develop a deep appreciation for two things.   1) The mesmerizing beauty of Japanese minimalism. 2) The miraculous capabilities of your…


Yap it up

It’s about that time of year again—it’s island hunting season. This year, though, you’ve been itching to ditch the crowded, yachted-out beaches for a little…



Some things are best left to the professionals. Like wearing jorts. Or casual-ing up your daily suit-and-tie routine with some sneakers. Today, we discuss the…


Maya Way

The temperature has just started dipping below 20, which can only mean one thing—it’s time to start planning your winter escape to the Riviera….


Coast to Costa

Sometimes, you don’t need to go exploring. Sometimes all you need is a clear beach, a clear sky and hour after hour of sweet nothingness. This is not one of those times…


A Jungle Out There

The amazon. Three million square miles of wild rainforest, teeming with feral jaguars, poisonous snakes and flesh-eating insects. In other words, a great place…


Enough is Enough with Latte Art

We love John Lennon, we just don’t want to sip him first thing in the morning. Same goes with kittens, music, bears, bunny rabbits, words of wisdom, smiley faces, smiley faces in…


Reef Madness

On your well-earned jaunts abroad, nothing is ever done halfway. Going skiing? You’re sleeping in an igloo. Touring Turkish caves? You’ll take a room inside. And…