Found in Translation


Today, you will develop a deep appreciation for two things.


1) The mesmerizing beauty of Japanese minimalism.

2) The miraculous capabilities of your browser’s auto-translate function.

Say こんにちは… or, you know, hello, to Jusandi, a secluded haven of relaxation perched on a cliff over Japan’s beachiest coastline, taking reservations now.

You could see a Far Eastern Dr. Evil hiding out here: a feng shui’d neverland of only four whitewashed villas on a remote tropical island in Japan (yes, those exist).  But you could also see yourself here, eschewing evil while you lounge on poolside daybeds and paraglide in the East China Sea.

But stop daydreaming and head to their website. Unless you can read kanji, engage your browser’s auto translator. Then, commence some itinerary-plotting: maybe you’ll canoe through mangroves, then maroon yourself on the private beach; or maybe you’ll just camp out in the restaurant summoning tiny plate after tiny plate of artistic and unpronounceable edibles.

Oh, and the spas. Apparently spas are pretty good in Japan. So save time for a soft-handed masseuse to place hot stones on your back, followed by a long, contemplative soak in the infinity pool.


470 Fukai
907-0451 Ishigaki
+81 980 88 2833

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