Coast to Costa


Sometimes, you don’t need to go exploring.

Sometimes all you need is a clear beach, a clear sky and hour after hour of sweet nothingness.

This is not one of those times.

Welcome to the Costa Rican Multi-Sport Tour, a rafting, biking, tree-climbing and zip-lining tour through the Pacific edge of Costa Rica, taking reservations now.

It’s a weeklong tear through the rain forests, tropical islands and beaches of Costa Rica… by whatever mode of transport happens to be nearby.

About those zip lines: there are 14 total, with a full view of the Pacific laid out before you―and toucans and monkeys peering at you through the trees as you go. Fast-forward 24 hours and you’ll be splashing around a lush tropical island 10 miles off the coast. Skip forward another day and you’ll be scaling a roughly 10-story tree with harnesses and mountain-climbing gear to see what the canopy looks like from the inside. Later on: a leisurely paddle down some Class IV rapids. And after that… lunch.

All told, you’ll cover 300 miles, four beaches and three hotels, spending nearly every night in a different spot and engaging in no less than four Olympic sports.


Costa Rican Multi-Sport Tour 
via Abercrombie & Kent
Calle Central and Avenida 3
San José, Costa Rica

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