A Jungle Out There


The amazon.

Three million square miles of wild rainforest, teeming with feral jaguars, poisonous snakes and flesh-eating insects.

In other words, a great place to set up a hammock for a little shut-eye.

Welcome to Hammocking in the Amazon, your chance to spend the night in an unsheltered hammock in the Amazon jungle, taking reservations now.

In short, you’re about to get extremely well-acquainted with nature. You’ll start by hopping a flight to Manaus, Brazil, then take a speedboat a few miles upriver with a private guide named Fabio. (Not that Fabio.)

Then, you’ll find yourself in the company of bugs, sloths, giant frogs… and the occasional beam of sunlight poking through the trees. But as darkness sets in and Fabio sees you yawning, he’ll string up a soft-fiber hammock and a mosquito net so you can get to know the other 80% of the Amazon wildlife (monkeys, snakes, maybe one of those jaguars) that’s mostly nocturnal. They supposedly have enough food to leave a creature your size alone… but don’t wear anything that smells too much like howler monkey.

The next morning, we suggest celebrating your survival by swimming with some pink dolphins in the river (yes, they’re really pink) before retiring to the shore for some champagne and piranha soup, a locally renowned aphrodisiac.


Hammocking in the Amazon
via Dehouche
Amazonas, Brazil

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