A Great Rai Lay


The appeals of Thailand have never been lost on you.

But lately those appeals are being not-lost by more and more of your traveling adversaries (and we don’t just mean Canadians…the Dutch as well).

One speck of beauty that’s managed to stay under the radar: the quiet beach of Rai Lay, on Southern Thailand’s Krabi Island.

This hidden stretch of soft, powdery beach off the Andaman Sea is only accessible by boat, which goes a long way in explaining why this place remains relatively undiscovered—and why we think you’ll like it. At the 26-acre Rayavadee resort, you’ll stay in a private two-story bamboo bungalow overlooking a jungle, steps away from blue water, towering cliffs and activities like elephant trekking. (Don’t worry about it being too undiscovered, either—the bungalows come complete with amenities like outdoor Jacuzzis, tropical gardens, sun lounges and freshwater hydro-pools.)

And with the current “downturn” being what it is, you’ll appreciate this hideaway even more: Often you can enjoy a five-course meal of fresh snapper and king prawns for 500 Baht—about $15. A deep-tissue Thai massage on the beach will cost you about $5.


Rai Lay
Krabi Island

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