Berlin is a city bursting with creative inspiration. With affordable
property rental rates, a thriving underground music scene and an
abundance of “bright young things”, it is regularly cited as one of the
most exciting cities in western Europe and is ripe to explore for youthled
retail, cultural inspiration and art.

Kreuzberg is the home of Voo Store,a spacious and imaginatively merchandised store set back from
the road.In a backyard on Oranienstrasse, on a 300 m2 floor on the premises of a former locksmith shop.
An assortment of men’s and women’s fashion and lifestyle accessories is sold here by brands
including Acne, Pendleton and APC, all presented in a tachiagari-like style with themed areas within the
spacious store.

Berlin’s Companion Coffee is the in-house coffee shop of Voo. Matching in aesthetic and defiant approach to simplicity, Companion Coffee offers up coffee (of course) and tea (not-so of course), alongside a limited selection of baked goodies. Simple.

Design-wise, the script alters little. Simple reclaimed woods, simple vintage pieces and very simple branding. CC’s extravagant break for a freedom of eclecticism and wonder is a creaky old bathtub upcycled into a handsome planter – but even the simplicity of greenery planted brings temporary fantasy quickly back down to earth. Paired down. Simple. Those in charge of the beans at Companion are some of the most experienced in the city, offering training and consultation as a side-order with your morning espresso. Some say the mere mention alone of a mocha-frappu-wocka could result in instant lynching ’round these parts.


Oranienstraße 24
10999 Berlin
Mon–Sat: 11am–8pm
+49 30 616 511 19

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